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Gift Kiklos to your loved ones

Are you looking for baby shower gifts for your families and friends? Kiklos' subscription is a thoughtful gift that ensures quality and comfort for your loved ones when they embark on the journey of parenthood!  

Gift Kiklos individually or together with other people; for 3 months, 6 months, or X months. Anything that works for you! 

Gift Giving, baby shower

To Families & Friends

sustainable gift

By gifting Kiklos to your family and friends, you are contributing to the movement of a sustainable lifestyle. And, the best part is, it's defintely a zero-waste gift! 

To Colleagues

long-lasting memory

Not usre what to buy for your colleague who is expecting a new baby? A collective gift of Kiklos' service from work buddies will make a meaningful and long-lasting memory!  

baby shower and employer branding
baby shower and employer branding

To Employees

employer branding

Include Kiklos' service into your company benefits and strengthen your corporate sustainability strategy by increasing employee's well-being as well as advocating for sustainable practices!

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