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newborn and first time mother

Effortless Parenting -
a rental solution that grows with your child

One package, everything your little one needs from 0-3

Premium brands & hassle-free services, at your doorstep.

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Grows with your child

Baby years have never been easier with Kiklos

Effortless parenting - more time with loved ones

Quality baby essentials from premium brands

Durable, adjustable, and adaptable items 

Stage-spanning developmental equipment

Beyond rental & ongoing support

Free delivery to your doorstep

Assembly and disassembly services

Repair and maintenance services

Free return from your doorstep


One package that has you all covered. We take care of the rest.


Everything at your doorstep at your preferred time.


Durable and high-quality products from premium brands.

No more sweat! Assembly and repair services included. 


Ready to farewell some of the products? We come and take them.

newborn nursery rental baby

About Kiklos

We know all the joy and excitement there is anticipating your little one coming to the world!

We also know very well about the hassles that come along. Which stroller and bed to buy? Do I need a changing table? Until what age does my baby need a bathtub? Are these materials safe for my baby and the environment? Assembly, customer service, warranty...? My kid doesn't like the car seat, now what?

Your time is too precious to be spent on these minor details. We have done all the thinking and searching for you! Just enjoy every moment there is cuddling your loved ones and we take care of the rest!

Kiklos is a sustainable solution that grows with your child. The product rotation is carefully curated so that your child is always supported with most relevant, essential products from 0-3 years old. 

Why Kiklos?

More time with your loved ones. Less impact on the planet.

By not owning, you are leading a worry-free lifestyle and being part of the change towards a future where circular economy is the mainstream. 

Only High-quality Items

Sustainable Lifestyle

Hassle-free Experience



Frequently Asked Qustions

  • What is Kiklos?
    Our subscription service is a convenient and affordable way to access a set of essential, high-quality childcare products along with all the necessary services, such as home delivery, cleaning, repair, and take-back. We have first-hand experience with all products and have thought carefully about what products are the most essential and what is the normal use period for each product. Most products in our package will remain integral to your parenthood for at least 3 years. When you are with us for the second year, we will add more products to your subscription package. So, you don’t have to worry about having fewer items while paying the same monthly fee. We are here for you from infanthood to toddlerhood. (We know it’s too far ahead to think about, but, just a sneak peek of some of the extra products that will be included in the second-year package - a balance bike and a learning tower.
  • How does the subscription service work?
    Pick a plan and complete a one-month payment to reserve the registration. We will then arrange a date for delivery depending on how early you wish to receive your products before your little one arrives in the world. Only after you receive your products, we will resume the monthly payments.
  • Are products new or second-hand?
    Kiklos embraces circularity from the start! Our goal is to provide parents with the easiest and most sustainable way to shop baby gear. As we build up our capacity for full circulation, we offer a combination of new and pre-loved products.
  • What does the monthly price include?
    The monthly price includes access to all products in the package as well as home delivery, take-back service, and repair service if needed. Rest assured, there is no hidden cost!
  • Are the products clean and safe?
    Absolutely! This is an area that we care deeply about. All our products are carefully selected, cleaned, and inspected to ensure they meet safety standards. We only offer products that are in good condition and have been thoroughly examined and sanitized.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Of course! We want you to have the best experience so please do reach out if there is anything we can do to improve our service. With that said, you can cancel your subscription at any time without any cancellation fees or penalties. We only ask that you return the current set of products before canceling.
  • What happens if I damage a product?
    We fully understand that things are not always neat when little ones are involved. :-) Being present with your family is something we value greatly. Therefore, we take full responsibility for normal wear and tear, e.g. minor scratches or stains. If there is a more serious problem that requires fixing during your subscription period, we will guide you through self-repair or product exchange, depending on the situation. As mentioned, repair fees under normal conditions are always included in the monthly price. However, we do have to stress that Kiklos' vision is to promote sustainable consumption and reduce the waste of resources in every way that we can. In order to do this, we need your help. Please treat our products as if they were your own. By avoiding unnecessary repairs, we, together, can significantly reduce the negative impact generated due to extra transportation, water usage, and electricity consumption needed.
  • What happens when I don't need some of the products in the package anymore during my subscription period?
    Whenever you feel ready to farewell certain products, just contact us and we will come to pick them up, without any extra charge. When you are with us for the second year, we will add more products to your subscription package. We are here for you from infanthood to toddlerhood! Want to know what are the new items from the second year on? Check out our Plans & Pricing page!
  • Please contact us anytime if you feel more clarification is needed!
    If you encounter any difficulties, have further questions, or just want to discuss your unique needs with us, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at info[at] We are more than happy to hear from you!
  • Which area do you serve?
    We currently operate around Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa but will gradually expand to other areas!

We are supported by:

Helsinki female startup founder
helsinki incubators
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