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Baby's First Year: Newborn Essential Milestones, Expectations and Tips

Welcome to the Journey of Your Baby’s First Year!

Hei, parents! Expecting the little one? The first year of your baby's life is a magical journey filled with incredible milestones and precious memories. From the first smile to the first steps, every moment is a heartfelt wonder.

newborn what to expect milestones

But, we know that before you actually set eyes on the tiny face for the first time, everything feels a bit up in the air. So it might be helpful to just know a little bit about the expectations beforehand. Let’s explore the common milestones and expectations for a newborn and tips on how you can support your baby's development.

Month 1-3: Discovering the World

  • Milestones: In the early months, your baby will start to recognize your voice, follow objects with their eyes, and maybe even smile back at you! These are signs of their developing senses and attachment.

  • Tips for Support: Engage in plenty of face-to-face time and talk to your baby frequently. Sing lullabies and provide visual stimulation with colorful toys.

Month 4-6: Growing Stronger

  • Milestones: Expect more interaction now. Babies begin to roll over, grasp toys, and laugh out loud. It’s also when they might start babbling.

  • Tips for Support: Encourage tummy time to strengthen their muscles, and introduce a variety of textures and sounds to stimulate their senses and promote cognitive development.

Month 7-9: On the Move

  • Milestones: Crawling, sitting up without support, and trying new foods are exciting developments. Your baby is becoming more mobile and curious.

  • Tips for Support: Create a safe space for exploration and introduce finger foods to develop fine motor skills. Engage in interactive play to boost their problem-solving abilities.

Month 10-12: First Steps

  • Milestones: By now, your baby might start standing with support and taking those first tentative steps. Their personality is also blossoming.

  • Tips for Support: Provide sturdy furniture for support, and encourage walking by holding their hands. Play games that involve standing and cruising to build their confidence.

Bonus Tips: Make Use of Equipment

Make use of baby equipment can help a lot with your baby's first year, providing both convenience and developmental support. It's a practical investment that contributes to a nurturing environment for your little one's growth and milestones.

A changing table, for instance, offers a comfortable height for diaper changes, reducing back strain for parents. Additionally, it serves as an ideal spot for supervised tummy time, helping your baby develop essential neck and arm muscles for milestones like crawling and sitting up. The secure and organized setup of a changing table also ensures a safe and efficient diaper-changing routine, while promoting bonding time through close interaction and eye contact, making it a valuable addition to your nursery.

Highchair, another good example, creates a safe and comfortable space for your baby during mealtimes, allowing them to join the family at the table and promoting social interaction. It supports proper posture, aiding in digestion and reducing the risk of choking. Additionally, using a high chair encourages self-feeding and the development of fine motor skills as babies learn to grasp and manipulate food. A well-designed highchair and adjustable features definitely make feeding times more manageable and pleasant for parents, enhancing both the practical and developmental aspects of your baby's early experiences.

Final words: beyond newborn milestone, expectations, and tips

There is really just ONE thing you should keep in mind: enjoy every moment of your baby's first year! Embrace the inclusive mindset towards children in Finland and try to build your own support network will make the experience even more special. Happy parenting!



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